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Clickbank Guide for beginners - part 5

Tools and resources for Clickbank affiliates

Clickbank Forums:

Clickbank Tools for affiliates and vendors:

  • ClickBank Firewall
    For Vendors. Thank you pages (product downloads) protection script.

  • ClickBank sucess kit
    Simply the best, easiest to follow training on the Web on how to use Clickbank to generate income. For Affiliates and/or Vendors.

  • phpAdTracker - PHP Script to Track Ad Campaigns
    Install phpAdTracker in your web site and track unlimited ad campaigns.

  • CB Accountant - Clickbank stats analyzer
    Tool designed for Clickbank affiliates and vendors. Logs into as many accounts as you want, updates, and analyzes all of the data into the software!

  • Hoplink cloaker
    Affiliate links (not only hoplinks) could be successfully cloaked/hidden using this tool. More details there.

  • Covert affiliate
    This one is smart idea to cheat adware (PPV) url scanner. You know, some affiliates using PPV or adware are bidding on vendor's domain name or even nickname. So, there is no doubt that they want to steal commission. What happens if you don't provide that info (landing pag url) to installed spyware url scanner? 10-30% (otherwise stolen) commission saved. That script is not free, but sales page is very informative.

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