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AzoogleAds review

azoogleads website Aug 2008


Note: Since I am not a member of AzoogleAds since Nov 2008, I can't update this guide (from the first hand info) What means that some of info displayed here could be outdated at the time you are reading this. Take all this like general information only.

Like any other CPA network (CPA means Cost per Action, or Acquisition), there are PayPerLead, PayPerSale and PayPerDownload/installation offers. What is interesting here, there are offers (variations) targeted to other Countries, not only to USA. So, there are the same offers, with different tracking links, targeted to USA, or UK, or AU, or international visitors. Your site doesn't need to be targeted to USA visitors, (although is recommended), there are enough offers (or versions) to monetize some UK or AU web site.
(Update March 2008 - they are not accepting all international affiliates at this moment, only from a few Countries, info on their site.)

Statistic and affiliate interface

Mostly realtime reports, thanks to the new 2.0 interface, all kind of reports are available. Due to amount of data presented, affiliates with dialup connection could experience delays.
AzoogleAds Toolbar is something you need to have. If you are promoting offers using PPC, browser toolbar with statistic is simply must have. Toolbar is available for download, check items on affiliate interface menu (tools).

Tracking problems

SpyBot-Search&Destroy (anti-spyware software) - This program is targeting almost every popular affiliate network cookie, AzoogleAds cookie is not any exception. Conversion ratio for some tested popular offers is above average (same offers on other CPA networks).

Spyware / AdWare problems *

None known. Apart from this, it is not allowed to promote Azoogleads offers using PPV, or PayPerView or, in another words, ADWARE applications.

Expired offers

Expired offer is redirected to similar active offer, or to the default portal with listed active offers. Warning here. There is no email warning about offer expiration, you need to keep an eye on offer, especially if you are using PPC for promotion. Expiring offers are usually listed in red color letters (all offers listing).
Warning again. Offer can be removed from listing and inactive or restricted, again, without any e-mail notice. Be carefull here. Check your account often (first page of affiliate interface). Some offers are even on daily cap, they could be "expired" after reaching targeted number of leads for that day.

Restrictions - offers

There are no classic restrictions (when you need to apply to promote some offer). Once you are approved on network level for traffic type (more below), you can promote offer using supplied link. There is Country filter on network level, visitor could be redirected to other offer, if it is not from targeted Country (determined from visitor's IP).
Sometimes, from various reasons, offer can disappear from list without warning. It could become restricted, but you will not get any warning or explanation.


Payment is consolidated, what means, one check for earnings from all offers (merchants). Payment is by check, US$, minimum should be $50 (although you will not find this info anywhere :-))

SignUp guide

O.K., you will need some help here. That is most complicated application form ever seen :-). Just be sure that your main info is correct, don't care about other questions, they are not critical.

After form is submitted, you will be contacted from AzoogleAds. Along with some other questions, you will be asked to confirm that you are an owner of website (if chosen for promotion). Send them some hosting or domain registrar bill, or direct them to WhoIs info if it is public, and that will be enough.

Traffic type problem: It happens sometimes for a new affiliates. After first login, go to All offers, and check middle column. If there is no any traffic type listed (web, search, email with checkboxes), and no offers listed (no data) contact your affiliate manager (contact info at top, right corner) and ask him/her to switch on traffic types, tell him/her what kind of promotion you will use (web-website,search-PPC, email-email list). And that is all. Good luck.

W-8 or W-9 form: In order to receive first check, you need to send W-9 (or W-8 for outside USA). They don't accept fax-ed or scanned copy sent as email attachment, here you need to use old good snail mail. What means, download PDF, fill with name address and other, what is neccessary, print, add date and signature, and send to their office, address you can find on AzoogleAds Website.
Link to PDF form, along with address, is usually sent to email address connected with your account.

Your Affiliate Manager is working on commission. Don't hesitate to ask any question what can help you to boost conversion. Your success is his/her success.

Webmaster referral program - Don't signup just to promote their webmaster referral program. Because, condition is: You need to earn min. $1000 at that month to receive referral commission for that month. Clear enough?

However, it is worth to "survive" this complicated application, because AzoogleAds PayPerLead or CPA rates are usually higher than on an other affiliate networks.

* Adware or SpyWare - software installed on visitors computers, overwriting affiliate cookies. Affiliates of the same network (or software owner) are using that software to overwrite your affiliate tracking cookie with theirs, stealing your commission. Lower conversion ratio could be indication of possible commission hijacking.

azoogleads affiliate network review

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