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How to register domain name

Domain name registration

In case you didn't take hosting pack with domain included, follow this guide and register new domain(s) using domain name registrar

NS or name servers is information your hosting company must provide to you. It is looking like and If you don't know that information, and registrar offers free domain parking, you can park domain until you find that (usually in help section of web hosting company) Write those name servers down, you will need it in domain registration process

Open free account on one of accredited registrars. These two below are approved and well known, but there is no reason to choose some other if you have a better recommendation.

If you didn't check domain name availability as was described before, check it now, using registrar search tool.
If it is available, go and register that domain now.

Sometimes, registrar offers some additional features. Don't go for it if you don't need or you can't understand what that means

If whois privacy is offered, take it, that will protect your private information Better explained, if you can see your private info using whois, spammers can see the same Anyway, be sure to provide contact information on your site

Registered domain is locked by default. If you need to transfer domain somewhere (to other registrar), you need to unlock it first

Main info you need to enter in registration process is your private info including Credit Card number for payment, and name servers (ns1, ns2..) of your hosting company

That is all.

After registration is finished, log to your hosting control panel and add that domain to your account.

You can reach your site using new registered domain name 24 - 48 hours after registration. That time is necessary for domain to propagate across the Net.


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