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Affiliate marketing e-books - to buy or not to buy

A little history

Grandfather (or grandmother) of today ebooks was compressed (zip) file. Inside was free chapter of ebook, some kind of demo, and one more compressed file, protected with password. That was "ebook" in text format, sometimes contains invaluable information. It was necessary to pay to get password for that file.

Those simple compressed files were replaced with self extracted html files, again protected with password. Next step were compiled documents (software), with document viewer included, or using Internet Explorer engine. Problem with them was that they were working only on PC (MS Windows). Until Win XP. Due to internal structure, some of them were not readable on Win XP. That was fixed in later versions, but if you still have some of them, there is a fix, just search for "fix my books". For sure, last part of this "evolution" was followed with discussion: What is better? PDF or exe?

Today, ebooks for download are almost all in *.pdf format, without passwords, but on protected download page, and they can be read on any personal computer with Adobe Acrobat or any other free PDF reader installed. Payment is easy and fast, usually using credit card or PayPal.

Affiliate marketing ebooks

Shortly, we are talking here about one kind of internet marketing ebooks, about ebooks for affiliates. Even when border between affiliate marketing and internet marketing in general is thin, there is a small difference when you are promoting other people's product or your own product.

Who was the first?

Probably not the first, but most popular ebook about affiliate marketing was Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner. It is still popular, and recommended for beginners.

What is IN what is OUT

It is enough to check Clickbank MarketPlace to spot most popular affiliate marketing tactics at this moment. If that tactic is similar to yours, maybe it is time to move. Content of ebooks listed on top of marketing section of Clickbank marketplace, shows that tactic described will be used from many affiliates, and that means strong competition on that field/market/tactic.

To buy info or to get it free?

People simply don't know to keep their mouth (keyboard) shut. Blogs are easy to setup and there are many "webmasters" today. After reading only one ebook about affiliate marketing, many of them are now "internet marketing experts". So, blogs about marketing are one of sources of free information, that includes internet marketing forums too.

Information you can collect there could be useful, but they are only small pieces of the cake, often represented on that way to push you to buy some ebook. With all those pieces of different cakes with different tastes, you are nowhere. That is called information overload. Or better explained, with so many different info from different sources, it is hard to find where to start. That is why ebooks exists.

To buy ebook or not to buy

Buy. Only one sentence from new ebook about marketing can save you time and money. I mean, from ebook written by well known authors..

Although many "make money" ebooks are nothing else than repackaged (still working) methods, for beginner in affiliate marketing, they could be useful, for experienced affiliates maybe not. On the end, good written ebook, even when it contains compiled info from other resources, could show you where to start.

To pay or not to pay

Sometimes you can have a chance to get popular ebook about affiliate marketing for free. Don't forget, when you get something for free, it is far less worth (for you) then when it is paid. To explain that better, that is some kind of natural law, if you don't spend energy, you cannot get more energy. Translate energy into money.

You have two choices as beginner in affiliate marketing. Spend energy (effort) on research about affiliate marketing, there are free resources all around, or spend energy (money), buy good ebook and learn from it, step by step. Learn, there are no shortcuts.

How to read ebooks about affiliate marketing

No money without effort. No secret keys. No $3000/day without effort. Even the best ebook cannot show you how to earn money if you don't want to.

What you can learn from the newest ebook about affiliate marketing? Let's see how average affiliate, with some experience, is reading that ebook: First chapter-"I know this", second chapter - "I saw this before", and so on. On the end, average affiliate says: "This ebook is a scam".

And that is the reason why 90% of affiliates are not making any money. Ebook alone will not make you a rich. That is you who must use (test) described methods to make money. And all those who expect to see some "uncovered" secrets inside are probably disappointed

On the other side, affiliates without too much experience, will catch on some marketing method, and what is the most important, they will use it. For some of them, that method will work, for some of them will not.

The key is in developing your own marketing methods and tactic using information from those ebooks.

It is the true that many of those affiliate marketing ebooks are overpriced, and there is lot of hype without reason. But it is also true, that popular ebooks are indicator of most used marketing tactic, so, if you don't buy ebook to pull out useful tactic, buy it to know what to avoid. Popular ebook sometimes means that many affiliates/marketers are starting to use that tactic, what means that tactic will be less and less effective...

Where to find a good ebook about affiliate marketing

Internet marketing forums are good sources of recommended ebooks. One thing you need to care is false recommendation. What means, if somebody recommends ebook, with his affiliate link included, don't be sure that ebook is that good. The same is with author of that ebook, when link is leading to the sales page.

Good recommendation usually includes name of ebook and author, without any link, and some real comment (pros and cons). When that is confirmed from other members, you can use some (affiliate or not) link there, or use search engines to find that ebook.

Other good sources are well known websites or newsletters about internet / affiliate marketing. Yes, owners of those websites and newsletters are marketers, but to keep readers and visitors, they need to bring quality to them. So, ebooks recommended from them could be accepted, not from all (some of them have a dollar signs instead of eyes), but you will learn that from experience. Just don't buy expensive marketing course if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing.

How to use ebooks about affiliate marketing

I am lazy, you are lazy, we are all lazy (there are exceptions, they are now rich). And that is the main reason why many of affiliates are buying ebooks. They are all expecting to find some miracle inside. No miracle, no new cars, no more time with family, you need to work 25 hours/day to get some reasonable income from affiliate marketing. Those lies from the sales pages become true only when you get experience, and when you know when, where, and how to hit. So, stop dreaming about new car and lots of chicks around, start working.

Did you read that newest ebook about affiliate marketing? Yes? Did you using any of tactic described there? No? Why? How you think to return that $47, or $97, or even $197?

Recommended ebooks about affiliate marketing (for beginners)

Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner, check newest Ewen Chia's Newbie Cash Machine , and, don't forget to check updated RichJerk , although not for beginners, in the right hands, it is worth.

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