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Articles about affiliate programs, websites, etc...

How to use product recommendations to increase affiliate earnings
When you are recommending a certain product, there are some things to remember on how to make it work effectively and for your advantage.

8 Firefox extensions for webmasters
8 Firefox extensions you can use while searching or checking competitors.

SEO after Google Panda updates
Simple advice to avoid google penalty and possible reason why some good websites are penalized.

How FTP passwords are stolen
What to do when you find your websites hacked all at once...

Rich affiliate, poor affiliate
Difference between rich affiliate and poor affiliate...

Website hacked
Hackers and spammers attacks - how to protect your website...

How to block bad bots
Second part of How to protect web page content - how to find and block bad bots (web spiders)...

Webmaster referrals programs
What is the webmaster referral program, and how to promote that kind of program...

Affiliate marketing e-books
To buy or not to buy... ebooks history, pros and cons about internet marketing ebooks...

How to target adsense ads better
How to use AdSense preview tool to get related adsense ads displayed on your site and more...

Name Squeeze pages and ClickBank
Pros and Cons about using NameSqueeze pages (as landing pages) in ClickBank affiliate programs.

How to protect web page content
Tips and tricks. How to protect page content and how to find thieves.

How to use 404 traffic
How to fix broken links. How "404 - file not found" can be transformed to "404 - cash found"

How to find that affiliate is using spyware
For Merchants - How to be sure that your "one of the best" affiliate is not overwriting cookies of other affiliates?

Spyware is stealing commission from affiliates
Who is overwriting your affiliate cookies? How to check your affiliate links?

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