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About guides on this website

Since 2006, is providing content for (not only) beginners in affiliate marketing. It is started like some kind of test website, online scratch book, reminder for some marketing tactics, also including websites building and SEO.

Although not promoted anywhere, a few links from friends to some interesting pages was call for search engine spiders. Since then, house cleaned, content is formatted and updated.

Content on this website is written mainly from experience. Since I have a long experience in promoting affiliate programs using websites, that kind of affiliate marketing is described here. I am looking at websites as a base, and all other ways what are temporary trendy (PPC, bookmarking, blogs, free pages twitter...) are used to promote affiliate website, not only affiliate links.

According to that, here you will find guides on website building, search engine optimization and other kinds of website promotion, along with advises where to add ads on webpage, how to track clicks on those ads, calculate statistic and ROI, and many, many more... All that can be called, not too ambitious, "evergreen" affiliate marketing tactics.

For sure, these guides are not here to give you a fish, they are here to show you how to use hook to catch fish. If you want a fish, or you are looking for specific kind of hook (tactic), visit our recommended products page and start fishing using different tactics.

Some terms used on this site needs to be explained. Using different terms for the same thing can lead to confusion, and we don't want that.

Affiliate, associate, publisher - is promoting, selling other people products or programs. We will use term "affiliate".

Merchant, advertiser, vendor, publisher, is providing product to affiliate. We will use terms "merchant, advertiser or vendor"

Commission is what affiliates get when product is sold (percent or fixed sum).

All other terms will be explained where it is necessary, or, if you are totally beginner, open Affiliate glossary in a new window, keep that window minimized and take a look when you are not sure what something means.

Short T.O.S.

I don't need to mention that content on this website is not Copy/Paste from another similar websites. Despite warnings on bottom of every page, there are "webmasters" who are republishing this content on their websites and spblogs without permission. These pages are not "articles", and it is not permitted to republish content from these pages without permission.

Instead of copy/paste, learn and write with your own words. It is permitted to cite paragraph or two with link back to original page, only in case when that is not the only content on your Web page. Don't be lazy.

On every subpage, there is an url of that page on bottom. This website needs links too. Say thank you adding link to interesting page from your website, blog or forum. It doesn't hurt.

Worst offenders / notorious copycats will not get warning email from this website, instead, they can expect email from Google and their ISP. Stolen content from this website can be reported using contact link above.

Keep this website in bookmark, subscribe to RSS channel and play fair.

Sergio, webmaster of

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