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Web site theme

Choose theme for web site

Web site must be built around one theme. Most important is that you know (or want to learn) what more is possible about that theme. Only then you can give useful information to your visitors, good food for search engines spiders and, gain some reputation in that field.
Reputation means visitors, visitors means traffic, traffic leads to sales.

You don't need to be expert in that field to make useful site. For example, let's take that you hobby is woodworking. You probably know some tips and tricks that you want to share with others. So, idea for website is here.

Add those tips and tricks to your pages, illustrate with a few pictures and you have a useful site. Doing some research about woodworking, you will probably get more ideas for your site content. Adding some links to say, free woodworking plans, you are giving visitors one more reason to come back.

Forums, pools, blog, everything can be added to make site more interactive and to see what your visitors are looking for. Then, using affiliate links, sell to them what they need. One small on-site store can contains woodworking tools or plans.

It is important to keep website content connected with site theme, woodworking site is not place for stories about pets or welding. Don't mix dogs and cats. Make another site about cats or dogs. So, stick to the theme and you will get visitors looking for that kind of information. That is called targeted traffic.

There is one problem with "our" woodworking site. There are many similar sites around. What means strong competition. Spend some time spying competition, and try to be different. Don't copy them. Only unique and fresh content can bring visitor back.
Don't forget, fresh and unique content connected with site theme.


Doing sites to promote affiliate programs (products), you need to use suitable language. In most cases that is English. Net is full of sites filled with bad grammar and misspellings. - begginer, afilate, afilliate, affilate.. just perform a search. This site is not exception. English is not my first language, it is difficult to write content without mistakes.

Even then, when English is your first language, try to use simple, plain English, that everybody can understand what you are talking about. And, use some kind of spelling / grammar checker.

And, most important thing about site content.
Visitor is not reading your text. His/her eyes are "scanning" page, while brain is comparing scanned text with (what he is looking for) For example, bold text will tell brain to stop scanning for a moment. If visitor is looking for problem solution, word "problem" or "solution" or any keyword connected with his/her search will stop him scanning. Keywords are not only for search engines.

More soon...

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