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Web site traffic - how to get visitors

Get targeted traffic

When talking about targeted traffic (visitors) I mean visitors who are interested for that what you are offering on your website. Website statistic and products (you are promoting) conversion rate can show how good your traffic is targeted. It is not importrant to get traffic, it is important to get targeted traffic. Your website have to be promoted on similar theme places (forums, blogs, etc) to get that type of visitors.

Natural traffic - search engines

Traffic from search engines (in most cases) is fresh, targeted and free. Your site must be optimized for search engines, and for particular keywords, to get that kind of traffic.

We are talking here about building and optimizing sites first for visitors, then for search engines. If it is good for visitors, it will be ranked well on search engines. That is the fact today. It is very easy to get banned or penalized, if you are using "black hat" techniques, e.g. hidden text, invisible linking, pages what is only purpose to redirect visitor to merchant...

However, search engine algorithm is constantly tweaked, human reviews are involved too, and competition is strong, just waiting to see something spammy on your pages. Be carefull, first build sites for visitors, then tweak it for search engines.

Most important search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN Search (Bing).

Below are links to five articles about site optimization and
submission to search engines

And, one article if you are out of luck.

One more important ranking factor is

Web Directories

"We can submit your site to 1000 directories, instant traffic, blahblahblah..." to get your money. You can use those services, there are some good around, but advice is to do a little research before, and make list of your favorite directories.
How to submit to web directories is the newest guide added here, describing pros and cons of submissions to the free SEO directories.

PPC - pay per click search engines

This is the fastest way to get targeted visitors. Although it is not recommended for beginners, you can try. But, take a care, that can cost you. Choosing low-cost keywords, you can get some targeted visitors to your products page.
PPC is also very useful to spot keywords what are converting to sales. Then, try to optimize website for those keywords.

Mailing lists / e-zines / newsletters

Good way to remind visitor (subscriber) about your Web site. Be sure that newsletters are with valuable content, and do not add affiliate links there. Use redirection or link to page on your site with more details about product. Or, promote updated sections of your site.

Link exchanges

If you are exchanging link with some related site, add their link, with description, inside page content and tell webmaster of that site to do the same. Link only theme related pages, and use keywords in link title (anchor text). Do not use link exchanges (services), make friends. And, from time to time, check if your link is still there.


Or web boards. Choose only your site theme related forums. Look at links in signatures? If they are without redirection, signup for that forum, add link to your website in signature, change title and urls from time to time. Best way to promote sites in forums is to be an active member. Not only that search engines will boost your link popularity due to links from forums, other members will trust you and maybe recommend your site to the others. Only in case when you give some value in your posts there. Self promotion is not allowed in any forum, and adding additional links to any of your sites will not be tolerated. Add links to signature only, and do not use affiliate links in postings. Traffic from related forums is targeted traffic.

Web Blogs

Blogs are popular todays. Adding comments to blogs and leaving link to your (related) site, you will not boost link popularity on search engines, (on many blogs, live links are restricted due to comment spam), but with a good comment, you can get attention and more visitors to your websites. For link building purpose, best place for link is inside post, not in (overloaded) comment area.

Viral tools

Free useful e-book, free software, tell-a-friend mail form, everything useful what you can give for free, can carry link back to your site.

Article directories

If you like to write about something you know about, then write some useful article and submit to article directories. In resource box, add link to your site. If article is good, many webmasters will download that article and publish on their site. Link to your site on their sites could boost link popularity. This tactic is popular today, so use that now. But, don't be surprised if you find your article on some website without link back. This is popular too.

Free pages

Social networks, hosted blogs, free hosting, etc... are places where you can get targeted visitors and push them to your website, at least, to get more links.

404 traffic

Or "file not found" traffic. Or, how to fix broken links from other websites using htaccess configuration file, and use that traffic to get more sales. Described in separate article (in articles section) how to use 404 traffic

Most effective tactic to get visitors

Word of mouth, that is. How that can be effective, depends of your web site content and quality.

Off Line promotion

Every marketing tactic, popular in real world, can be used to promote web site. Ads in newspapers, flyers, labels, business cards, stickers, even when domain name is written on your car. And not on any car. If you have a newest and expensive car, that can boost sales on your "How to make money" website. This will not be effective on an old car, don't ask why.

However, if you are driving popular old car, it can have its own website. Selling parts for that kind of cars from that website is not that bad idea, isn't it?

Every public PC can be "infected" with link to your site. Link remains in browser history if visited, or simply try to bookmark your site.

Off line promotion could be effective if you are travelling often, do not forget to leave urls to your sites wherever and whenever is possible. Anyway, keep in mind that not all places are suitable for all sites.
Flyer about your a.dult site in local church is not good move, you know what I mean.

There is more...soon.

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