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Top affiliate marketing tools - automation

E-books, software and services for affiliate marketing

These marketing tools here, at this moment, are the most popular automation tools.
Do not use these tools if you don't know what you are doing. If misused, will not be that effective. Tools presented here are handpicked and list will be updated from time to time. For now, this section is focused on the best website/blog traffic boosters.
More traffic to your websites / blogs means more sales. And the best ways to do that are below.

Twitter traffic generator

Twitter online system
This automated Twitter tool can bring you targeted Twitter traffic. More followers = more sales. Set it up and forget it. Autopilot.
From: Alvin Phang - Read more »

Social bookmarking tool

Automated Social bookmarking tool
Social bookmarking is time consuming. With this automated tool, it is not anymore. If you want to boost your traffic and sales, this tool is the must. Although a bit expensive, this is not an expense. That is an investment.
From: EdwinSoft - Read more »

PLR articles

PLR Articles monthly
Do you need an unique content for your websites / blogs? Are you in article marketing? Then, you will love this. Membership website, 225 unique PLR articles and 225 original Spin-Ready articles monthly, blog automation software, and, for a limited time, 20 ready to go Adsense websites FREE when you join. Just take a look...
From: SimplePLR - Read more »

Social bookmarking tool

Traffic machines
Let's see. 26 traffic machines helps you to get traffic and backlinks for free. Plus traffic ebooks, plus 10 traffic videos. Using just a few of these tools can drastically boost free traffic to your site. This tools must be used responsibly.
From: Bishop Anders - Read more »

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