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Affiliate marketing e-books for beginners

Every e-book here is chosen just for beginners in affiliate programs. They are not expensive, and they are worth every cent. E-book format is PDF, and they can be opened on any computer with adobe acrobat or any other PDF reader installed. And, don't forget. If you bought something, use that. Do not just "read".
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Google Sniper 2.0

Google Sniper 2.0
Google Sniper 2.0 uses a simple strategy that anybody can use and more importantly make money from. This strategy involves creating "sniper sites" that rank incredibly easy on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. These sniper sites are seen on the first pages of Google for low competition keywords that are ready to make you money.
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Super affiliate handbook

Super Affiliate Handbook
Made just for beginners, with step by step instruction, this is simply "must have" for any affiliate. Author (Rosalind Gardner) earns over $400000 yearly promoting affiliate programs. All her methods are described in that ebook. This is the affiliate handbook. It is worth every cent.
Author: Rosalind Gardner
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google cash

Google Cash
How to use Google AdWords and other Pay Per Click engines to promote web site or affiliate links and get returns fast. This is the "bible" for PPC marketers. There are few other ebooks about google adwords, but this one is chosen because it is suitable for beginners too. Step by step - explanations and real examples.
Author: Chris Carpenter
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Guide To Google Adsense

The Definitive Guide To Google Adsense
How to add Google AdSense ads to your web site and get maximum profit. How to tune web page, where to add AdSense ads and how to format ads... You can significantly increase AdSense income using tips and tricks from this ebook. Only AdSense Insider Group membership (free with purchase) is worth money you pay for ebook.
Author: William Charlwood.
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Affiliate training portal

Affiliate marketing training portal
Affilorama is the well known affiliate marketing training portal. Training material is designed for beginners, but there is also paid premium membership for advanced users. SignUp is free. Worth to visit.
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affiliate marketing course - commission ritual

Affiliate marketing course - commission ritual
This affiliate marketing course covers multiple online money-making methods. The guide is written in simple, direct, step-by-step format. Plus, you get more than 90 straight-to-the-point videos to make it even more fool-proof.
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day job killer ebook download

Day job killer
Day Job Killer is the newest ebook from the author of popular Project X! Learn the most devastating Adwords techniques on the planet; the ones the top 1% use against you right now! This hot stuff will be not here forever. Act now!
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Ewen Chia newbie cash machine

Newbie Cash Machine
Newest ebook from Ewen Chia. An easy step-by-step guide for setting up your own website quickly, and switching on your cash-pumping machines. You don't have to be successful already. You can start from scratch with this and shock yourself and your friends.
Author: Ewen Chia.
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Newbie profit rocket

Newbie Profit Rocket
For newbies in Affiliate Marketing - a clearly-written, step-by-step guide to getting your affiliate marketing business launched. Three bonus ebooks included with order, instant download. Learn Affiliate Marketing from a professional educator.
By CindyAnn Williams
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affiliate marketing course for beginners

Affiliate marketing home study course
Affiliate marketing home study course for beginners. 270 pages in this Course are divided into 55 short, manageable lessons. One year of free hosting for your web site and free lifetime membership in private forum included!
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