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Affiliate networks - webmaster referral programs

What is new affiliate referral program?

Often called webmaster referral or Website referral program, it is set from affiliate network to boost number of affiliates. If you are member (affiliate) of some network or InHouse program where this feature exists, you have an option to promote that network/program, and to get part of commission of referred affiliates, or fixed sum (lead). These affiliate networks are also known as "two-tier".

Let's say that you are member of affiliate network X, and you are using referral code to get other webmasters to join that network. If they are using your link (referral code), you will get 5% or 10% of their earnings (commission). At the same time, they have the same commission rate as you are, what means there is no difference for them, if they signed using your referral link or not.

New webmasters are avoiding to signup using some referral links, thinking that their commission rate will be less due to your cut. It is not true, commission rate is the same for every affiliate, referred or not.

Is it worth to promote this kind of program?

Depends of your niche. In internet marketing niche (not recommended for beginners) you can get some good referrals, while in other niches, not targeted to webmasters/marketers, it is simply not worth to promote this kind of program. It is far better to "catch" one good marketer, then a hundred others who signed only to get discount for some product.

Don't forget one important thing. When promoting webmaster referral program, you are generating competition. If you have success with some less known affiliate program or network, keep your mouth shut.

Affiliate programs reviews - how to read?

When looking for new affiliate programs, it is necessary to check for possible problems. Using search engines and checking affiliate forums, you can find some complaints, but don't be sure that they are all true.

Same is the with affiliate programs directories and affiliate programs reviews. There are honest reviews here and there, but most of them are written to get referrals.

Affiliate program review where you can find pros and cons (good and bad) about that program is the step above. If referral link is not included in review, and you can see that is, in fact, experience of that webmaster, you can be sure that review is honest.

How to promote webmaster referral programs

It is hard to get quality referrals using classic promotion on Website. Before joining new affiliate program, experienced webmaster will check everywhere to be sure that program is good for him. And, if he decides to join from your site, in most cases, he will strip your referral code.

Listing affiliate programs with a short description, including your referral link is simply not enough. "Independent" reviews are only little better. As trusty member of some marketing forum, you can have some success with signatures.

As said above, it is better to have a few good referrals, than hundreds of "discounters". Bonuses and mentoring are possible ways to go. Helping your downline (not connected to MLM), you are helping yourself, since your cut will be bigger. That could be an effective way, but only if you have experience in internet marketing. Private area on your site, bonus ebooks, one2one help, because, their success is your success.

Affiliate referral program future?

You have to earn over $1000 monthly to earn 3% commission from referred affiliate. Every month. Or you will not get that 3% for that month. For 13 months only, after that you don't have referral any more. Referral commission byebye...

So, you maybe think that above referral program is simply not true? It is true, and that is new affiliate referral program from one well known CPA affiliate network.

Now, this one is better... 2% for six months, again, IF you earn over US$1000 in that month. If $999 earned in one month, there is no referral commission. From one popular CPA affiliate network also.

Every affiliate network needs ACTIVE affiliates. 80% of affiliates are doing nothing. Probably 20% of that 80% were signed only to promote referral program. Including you, if you are looking for referral programs. So, this is happening now, AFAIK :

- Commission junction - no more affiliate referral program
- ClickBank - no more affiliate referral program
- PrimaryAds - no more affiliate referral program
- Websponsors (Valueclick)- no more affiliate referral program

Just a few examples, once was 10% lifetime for a new referred affiliate, now is 2% for a year, and that is promoted like something big. Affiliate networks are simply overloaded with inactive affiliates. And they don't need that.
If you are looking for advice, take offers and promote them, forget webmaster referral programs, it is waste of time...
Yes, there are still some exceptions, you can find some of them listed on Affiliate programs section of this site, but like I said above - waste of time...

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